Monday, April 4, 2011

Harumph, indeed

Of course I was kidding. I never expected anybody to fall for that, since I figured it was kind of lame and obvious, and I just hadn't had a brilliant inspiration for anything better. But what I REALLY didn't expect was how many people would go, "Oh you had me up until the 'pre-law' part." You people all think I'm some kind of wacky cut-up or something, but I'm actually a stone cold bitch. I'd make a kick-ass lawyer and I'm tempted to go out and get my JD and pass the damn bar and sue all of you just to prove my point. And I'm going to get right on that, just as soon as I finish this beer.

I'm working on something to make up for giving half of you heart attacks, but it may take some time as I have two articles to write as well. And I have nothing quilty to show you, as the only creative thing I did this weekend was make dreamcatchers with my daughters. And when I say "with" I mean I made them sit and listen to mommy curse under (and over) her breath since the damn project was naturally too hard for them to do themselves. "If we are going to make dubious Native American-themed crafts, you are going to sit there and you are going to LIKE IT."

I was informed that they did indeed catch the bad dreams, as advertised. Which made at least one short person very well-rested and happy the next day.

I wonder if I would look like that too if I ever got a full night's sleep. I might even be tempted to put on the skirt.

Back to the salt mines. I have quilt-related humor to produce. And how many other people can say that, I wonder?


Sarah Craig said...

OK, Megan, take a deep breath!! (said with a smile on my face!) Because I used to be a paralegal, I happen to know that very few lawyers have a sense of humor, which I why I didn't see you going into pre-law - they hire their paralegals to make the clients think they are human!! I have no doubt that you would be a kick-ass lawyer, if you could stop laughing at opposing counsel!!

Sarah Craig said...

Oh, Megan! I just picked up my first copy of Quilter's Home, and read your article "A Quilter's Survival Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse"! How did you know I was staying up nights worrying about just this topic? And not only did you answer my questions, you made me smile while reading it (actually laugh out loud, and scare my dog to death, but I digress...) Thank you for this timely and informative article!!!! I'm headed for my LQS to stake out a sleeping spot and scope out possible weapon ingredients.....