Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh, and yodeling. Forgot the yodeling.

Those of you on Facebook already know about this to some degree, but remember how just yesterday I was saying that I had that big knot showing on my Kindle cover where I had to move the button, and that maybe I'd try to hide it with some applique, but that we all know how that went before so I probably better not?

I went ahead and did it.

I thought a red heart would look kind of cool on all the black and cream fabrics, but I was pretty sure there was no way I was going to be able to make a heart that didn't end up looking like...well, a heart. A squishy organ yanked from the chest cavity of some small, innocent creature. No way could I make an actual, symmetrical valentine-type heart. That's obviously for the advanced only, veteran stitchers with their years of elf-organ hearts long behind them. I mean, hearts have curves and points, and all I've managed are some blobby circles.

But I am nothing if not reckless when it comes to sewing, so I got out my starch and my little iron and prepared for the mayhem.

Only there wasn't any.

It came out beautifully. Curves all curvy. Points all pointy. Sewed it right on. It looks awesome.

So, if I can do that, I'm pretty sure that tomorrow I can paper piece a king size quilt with my eyes closed while hopping on one foot and dodging mudballs being flung at me by a horde of angry flamenco dancers. Because that is the next step, right?


Peg said...

Love the heart!

Ginny said...

I would love for you to please post pictures of you dodging the mud balls! Forget the paper piecing, I just want mud balls! Oh and I love the heart too ;)

Rebecca Merry said...

Looks lovely! Gives me some hope!

Staci said...

Good for you! Aren't you glad you were brave and went for it?
Now, when you do that eyes closed, hopping on one foot while paper piecing and dodging mudballs thing, be sure and shoot video. We all want to see that, and I'm sure you'd be a great hit on YouTube!

Sarah Craig said...

Of course that's the next step! Can't wait to see it!! (By the way, your little heart is just perfect!!! And it looks great on that black and white....)

Katie said...

The heart looks great! I can totally tell what it is supposed to be :). And I can't wait for pictures of you hopping and quilting and mudballs.

Teresa said...

As the others have said, please let us know when the youtube vid comes out!
Love the heart - you're becoming a pro!

Thomas said...

It's a very pretty heart.

Angela said...

I am sew glad I found your blog! I have been laughing out loud ever since! I need that :). Thanks..oh, and I may have questionable judgement and or morals, too.