Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sale info

Just FYI, there is another sale going on on my Facebook feed starting tonight, though this one is not run by me. My friend Flaun Cline recently had to make a big move across country and our friend Trish (who also copyedited my book, BTW) helped her sort out sewing stuff to sell. I offered them both the use of my Facebook feed to help sell the stuff. I mean, what's the point of having a reach of a couple thousand people if you can't use it to help your friends sell their books, patterns, fabric, and assorted notions? Amirite?

You can get all the details on my Facebook page, but the sale starts tonight and you will be dealing directly with Trish who has admin access to my page. She will be the one posting, invoicing, and mailing, and the one answering any questions you have.

After my return from Portland, I had to get ready for my dad's visit and then I was felled by a diverticulitis attack, from which I am still recovering. I really hope to be back in good form next week and to thank you for your patience, I'll give away some Portland-purchased penis fabric!

I also want to address some of the questions I've been getting about whether there will be a calendar this year. No, I'm afraid there will not. The calendar doesn't make very much money and has had several issues with accurately reporting the sales I have had. This year has also been a difficult one for me personally, and I am finding myself unmotivated to work on anything at all. I know there are several of you who love the calendar and look forward to it every year, but my heart just isn't in it, especially when there is so little money to be made from it. However, I will be thinking about it over the next several months, and will be researching whether it might be feasible to print and distribute it myself, possibly through a Kickstarter program. This would eliminate some of the problems I have with using the print-on-demand service and might even give me a small advertising budget. Now that I have a distributor for my book, it's possible I could get the calendar distributed through them as well. All things I need to think carefully about. But I need to get past my sickness and past my funk to do it properly.

As always, thank you for your support and your patience with me as I try to get back into my groove.

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