Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sweet Home Indiana

We just spent a long weekend in Indiana, where my husband grew up, to visit his parents. We have not been able to make it out there for quite some time as the trip requires staying in a hotel and that eats up available funds pretty fast. His dad suffers from Parkinsons and is not doing well, so we made getting out there a priority this summer.

It was the first time I really had a chance to explore outdoors around his parents' home. They live next door to the home that belonged to David's grandparents (and now to his aunt and uncle), and there is a lot of land between and behind the two homes to wander around. David's grandfather had an apple orchard, and though it is untended these days, it still stands, between the house and the endless cornfields on either side.

I'll get back to my smart remarks another time. For now, here are some pictures from a place I had not realized was so beautiful.

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