Friday, March 16, 2012

Article alert

Okay, right now I am up to my eyeballs in panic and despair because SOME PEOPLE decided to go ahead and participate in the GenQ Kickstarter campaign and we met our goal in NINE DAYS. And so now I have to make a magazine. It is not like I actually know how to do this. Yes, I once worked at a magazine and did layout and design there, but the template had already been set up, and it was very easy for me to just fart around and learn as I went. Then I had to go and open my big, fat mouth to my GenQ cohorts and go, "Oh, yeah, I'm kinda familiar with InDesign. I could probably work up a logo." And from there they went "FREE GRAPHIC ARTIST" and now I am designing an entire magazine even though I have protested and told everyone I not a professional and I'm pretty sure I will probably end up designing an erectile dysfunction medication brochure instead of a quilting magazine.

So, right now, most of my "free" time is spent trying to design and layout a magazine in time to get it printed before Spring Market. And still, I managed to produce a fairly sizable piece of writing for GenQ today, the real, unexpurgated story of my first quilt. It's not technically a humor piece, but, you know me, so there's a couple chuckles in it, I suppose. Go here if you want to read it.

So, to everyone who pledged money - thank you. I hope that when you receive your copy of the Generation Q Erectile Dysfunction Medication brochure, you feel that your pledge was worth it. I will try to check in here and on Facebook when I can, but please forgive me if my appearances are spotty. And as I told everyone on FB, I will make it up to you by telling you long and completely made-up stories about all the famous quilters I meet at Market.

In addition to designing the damn thing, I am also expected to write something for it. Naturally, my mind is a total blank. So, what do you think my first humor article in the first issue of GenQ should be about? I'm starting to worry that I've covered everything and there's nothing left to make fun of, but I know you're a resourceful group. What do you think I should write about? Other than wieners?

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