Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This past weekend, I got Harper a Lego set and she immediately set to work on it. I was pretty proud of her. She had no problems interpreting the instructions, and anytime she had trouble or messed up, she just pushed through until she got it right. Just a few months ago she would have burst into tears and refused to touch it. She was very pleased to reveal the finished product to me and her daddy last night:

Naturally, David and I were most fascinated by the item on the left:

Me: "Look, honey. It's The Little Man In The Boat!"

David: "Hey! I love The Little Man In The Boat!"

Me: "Me too. But it is sometimes hard to find him."

David: "Not for me. I ALWAYS know how to find The Little Man In The Boat."

Me: "I'm not so sure you do, babe."

David: "I'm shocked. Perhaps I should demonstrate my ability to put my finger right on The Little Man In The Boat for you. Like, soon."

This went on ALL EVENING, through dinner, right up until I put the kids to bed. The kids were oblivious and never questioned it, since we were clearly talking about Legos. Talking A LOT about Legos. And giggling.

So, now David and I are trying to plan a weekend away since we have some dear friends who are willing to take our kids overnight, and at the grocery store this morning I was talking to Harper about the possibility that she and Devon might stay overnight at Bella and Sam's so that daddy and I could have some alone time. She asked what we were going to do and as I was talking about going out to eat or to a movie, she blurted out, delightedly, "YOU COULD HELP DADDY FIND THE LITTLE MAN IN THE BOAT!"

"Already on the schedule, kid," I said. "Already on the schedule."


Lisa said...

Very funny!

Sew I Was Thinking... said...

I can totally visualize having this conversation in my own home with my husband. Just our kind of humor. Thanks for making me laugh.