Monday, October 25, 2010

9 out of 10 zombies prefer mismatched bedding

So, I have three out of five Dresden plates finished for the table runner:

I consider this a huge victory in my quest to Never, Ever, EVER Take a Class, because even though I have had technical problems, I still think they are turning out damn fine. Originally, the center circle was to be the same as the background fabric, but I discovered that the other materials showed through too much, and it looked sloppy. So I ripped that out and tried to put a little circle of batting under it, but that didn't go well either, and ultimately I went for the dark circle and I think I like it.

I have been using Roxanne's Glue Baste-It to hold the pieces on so they won't shift around while I am sewing, and this was the product recommended by my sister and by this Goddess of Applique, and I like it, except that it splooges out of the needle applicator whether I want it to or not. Lots of people on Facebook said that they have trouble with the needle clogging, but I haven't had that trouble at all. I make sure to pull that squeeze bottle open to suck the glue back down inside, and then quickly cap it before I let go, and so far that has kept my needle from clogging.

I tend to look at my own work with such a critical eye, it's hard to step back and really see what I've done. I was working on one of these yesterday when our next door neighbor's little boy came over to look at the pumpkins on our front stoop. She quickly followed because she's always worried that he's bothering us (which he never is) and I ran out to tell her that he could come look at our Halloween decorations anytime he wanted. I still had the project in my hand, and she spotted it. Her eyes got all big and she went. "OH MY GOD THAT IS AMAZING." Now, of course, she doesn't sew or do anything creative or crafty—not even cooking—and so it will look better to her than to, say, one of you. But isn't that why I started quilting in the first place? To make stuff for people who don't know any better and will be impressed no matter what lousy shit I give them?

I have been enjoying my new bed, but it is rather firm. Not like sleeping on the pavement firm, but like doctor's waiting room chair firm. If you push down hard enough, you can make a depression, but a supine individual, even one my size, doesn't create enough weight at any one point to make a dent. I even have a foam pillowtop AND a featherbed on top of the foundation cushions/mattress, and I still feel like I'm on a slightly cushy board. I have been sleeping much better and I wake up very alert, so it must have advantages, but I haven't been able to get the pillows just right, so I bought a new pillow this weekend and decided that it needed a custom pillowcase, one that matches NOTHING. Nothing in the room, nothing on the bed. Nothing.

I've had that Riley Blake fabric for a while and finally decided to rip into it. It might have looked better if I had used the fabric with the white background as the main fabric, but I like it this way, too. Now I have to make an orange quilt to go with it. because it looks kinda stupid with the blue quilt my sister made. Not that anyone's looking at my bed and thinking, "She put THAT quilt with THAT pillowcase? Was she high? Or was she forced to do it at knifepoint?" Only I'm thinking that.

Oh, and Princess Devon is thinking that, too. She's very particular about bedding. The Horrifying Zombie, however, doesn't give a fuck.


Kim said...

I thought I was the only one dazzling the NON sewing masses with my sub par "works of art"! It's funny how we see the flaws that no one else sees, right? Anyway, thnaks for the lauch!

P.S. Mismatched bedding FTW!

Sarah Craig said...

Your dresden plates are gorgeous, I love love love that pillowcase, and aren't we supposed to embarrass our children? If you can do that with just a pillowcase now you're in luck!!

Tsigeyusv said...

Isn't that the goal, to embarrass our kids, so that they know that nothing they do can ever embarrass the parent? :)
I'm not much of a Dresden plate lover, but your work IS fantastic. Give yourself a hand, as the points look rather nice there in that close up!
I, too, just bought a firm bed for myself, and I do wake up far more refreshed, also. A tad more cushion would be nice, but I'm not gaining 25# to get that cushioning!

Cathi said...

When I use Roxanne's basting glue, I squeeze a sploot onto a piece of waxed paper or foil & apply it with a toothpick. Uses way less glue & no mess.

Your Dresden Plates are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Deborah says:

Your Dresden plates are lovely.

The photo of the girls (?) is very cute!

Monet said...

You have just given me my favorite quilting quotation of all time: "But isn't that why I started quilting in the first place? To make stuff for people who don't know any better and will be impressed no matter what lousy shit I give them?"

You are hilarious. Love your blog.