Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I cribbed that last line from Bartlett's

It was so, so good to see Barbara today. She is looking great and only has a touch of edema around her right eye. Well, that and a big honkin' dent in the side of her head and a freaky scar, but you can't see those unless she forces you to get close and look and she had me in a headlock as soon as I got in the door. And she can't move her right eyebrow, so whenever she tries to look surprised, she just looks suspicious.

It was supposed to be a day without kids for me, but at the last minute a friend needed me to babysit her 1-year-old, so little baby Bella came along while my girls stayed home with daddy. But that was just fine because she's sweet and a very easy baby and Barb and her partner Chris are NUTS about babies, so Bella had two more devotees by the end of the afternoon.

I'm pleased to say that both Barb and Chris LOVED the pillow, and Barb hugged it much of the time that we were talking.

And it turns out that brain tumors do indeed suck. But hugging old friends is totally fucking awesome.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a great visit with your friend. Hope things keep improving for her.

Karen in IN

Carol said...

Yes, brain tumors suck but I am sure that having a friend like you Megan makes Barb feel so much better.

whitey said...