YES! In response to your many requests and inquiries, I am now available for lectures at your guilds! My lecture, Crappy to Scrappy, is a look at how I went from wanting to hurl my sewing machine into a ravine to designing my own quilts in 5 years, and how having a sense of humor about mistakes and failures is the key to overcoming fear and improving your quilting skills. I'll bring some quilts to show and we can do a Q&A about anything your heart desires—but mostly about writing and getting published in quilt magazines, blogging, and self-publishing. I'll also bring books to sell and sign, and there will be special pricing the day of the lecture. (Please note that I will also be doing readings and sometimes these involve mild cursing such as crap, hell, damn, or ass. You might warn people of this ahead of time in case anyone gets the vapors over such things.)

If you are interested in booking me for a lecture, please contact me at dontdrinkandquilt@gmail.com. My current fee is $200, plus travel expenses if I have to journey far from home. Please note that a lecture is not considered booked until I have received a signed contract and a deposit. I have a contract that I will send you when we have verbally agreed on a date.

If you have booked me for a lecture at your guild, please feel free to use any of the graphics below on your website, Facebook page, or other social media to promote the event.

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